Y10 on the fossil hunting trail...

Forty Eight of our GCSE learners met for an early start on Friday. After a ride to Southampton we boarded the ferry at 12.00. On our arrival to the Isle of Wight our learners were immediately struck by the differences to Harrow; less people, more sheep and far more green space. Our hotel by the coast at Sandown hosted us for two nights during which we enjoyed their meal service, gardens and surrounding area.

Within our studies, we observed the flood defences the settlements of Ventnor, Ryde and Freshwater had implemented to minimise the costs of extreme weather. We surveyed the land use in the area around Ventnor to help establish the necessity of protection and viewed various secondary sources to help. The students will be writing this up as part of their paper 3 revision over half term.

They were aided by experts from the local Dinosaur museum as well as Mr Desai, Ms McIntosh, Ms Sidoli and Harrow High’s very own rock, Mr Al-Mana. we’d like to thank them all for their time and expertise.

Of course, as well as the serious business, there was also time for a enjoyable, if rather chilly, boat tour around the island and a coastal trek.