Music Week 9 – A selection of British composers

This week we are listening to a selection of works by British composers, evocative of nature and the countryside.

Composers include Gustav Holst and Vaughan Williams (pictured). One of the most moving pieces within this selection is a piece by Williams entitled ‘The Lark Ascending’. This is based upon  a poem of the same name by the English poet George Meredith about the song of the skylark. Siegfried Sassoon called it matchless of its kind, “a sustained lyric which never for a moment falls short of the effect aimed at, soars up and up with the song it imitates, and unites inspired spontaneity with a demonstration of effortless technical ingenuity… one has only to read the poem a few times to become aware of its perfection”.

As we involve ourselves in remembrance this week, it is worth considering how Sassoon and his fellow soldiers  looked to such poetry, images and thoughts of home to sustain themselves through the horrors of war. We will be listening to the piece during our entry to the remembrance assembly on Friday.