Black History Month

At Harrow High School, we understand the importance of Black History Month and the diversity it incorporates. Therefore it is celebrated through a variety of formats. In Yr 7, we teach the unit ‘Black people of the Americas’ throughout the whole of the Autumn term, in order to give Yr 7 an introduction to a non- British History module.

In October we interrupt our module to focus on Black History Month. Year 7 examine the Windrush and famous Black Britons. They are all entered for a poster competition where they research and produce a poster on a famous Black Briton and their achievements or a famous inspirational historical figure from another culture.

Year 8 will also examine and celebrate the achievements of Black Britons. However they will produce a mini project based on a Black Briton and what they have achieved or an inspirational historical figure from another culture. Both the poster and mini project are due first week back after half term and require both Yr 7 & 8 to carry out some independent research.

In the older year groups we aim to teach on an inspirational Historical figure from another culture and create a piece of writing about their achievements. After half-term, we will have an outside agency coming into the school to deliver assemblies regarding Black History Month, followed up with a series of workshops.

In addition, across school we have been listening to the music of Joseph Boulogne and Samuel Coleridge Taylor, black classical composers of historical and musical significance.