Parent Governor Election – 2018

The school is currently conducting a ballot for a parent governor vacancy. Your child will be bringing a letter home for your attention in respect of the Parent Governor Election. (One letter will be sent per family)

Please put your ballot paper (yellow)  in the small envelope which should be sealed. You may only vote once, no matter how many children you have at the school.

This envelope  should then be placed in the larger envelope together with the Confirmation of Eligibility to Vote form (cream) and returned to school by Friday 16th November.

Statements from potential candidates are below:

Imran Shaikh

My name is Imran Shaikh. My eldest child is in year 8 and I have four younger children who are all expected to join HHS over the coming years. I am a Computer Science graduate and work in the IT sector with a FTSE 100 Telecommunications Company.

Besides my professional background, I have also been serving as a Director in a local management company over the last 11 years. Possessing a hands-on, driving and determined approach, I voluntarily undertook leadership on estate improvement projects, for the management company, spanning 4 years. This involved engaging local and regional businesses for the tendering and negotiations process. This proved to be financially beneficial for the Management Company and subsequently increased shareholder value and improved standards for all.

The experience and skills gained with the management company, I believe can be utilised and channelled into contributing to the objective of developing HHS into an Outstanding and sought after school.

I hope you will all give me an opportunity to demonstrate this and represent you all.


Mrs. Olympias Da Costa

My name is Mrs. Olympias Da Costa and I studied in Canossa Convent High School in Mumbai, thereafter I did my Graduation in Commerce in the year 1992.  I have also done Secretarial diploma and worked as Secretary, Admin Asst. for a year or two and relocated to Dubai with my family and lived for 20yrs and worked in Dubai for 10yrs. I have always taken a keen interest in attending all possible meetings in knowing more about how my childrens behaviour in school.

As a person I am fun loving, have patience, am kind and maintain good relationships. I have done my catechist course in St. Marys Church Dubai. So I have been teaching religion in the church for the recent five years and enjoy being with children in the age group of 10 to 16yrs. Also I worked as teacher assistant for one year voluntary in Eduscope.

As of now I am doing my Level 2 accountancy course (AAT approved) and passed one exam in Elements of Costing, so I will begin the job hunt soon. The thought that comes to my mind to be a Parent Governor is to know and understand our children better and guide, motivate them to be always vigilant and at the same time it’s a lot of responsibility which is worthwhile for the future generation. So planning, commitment would be the core. Mainly I will learn new skills. I understand this is a very delicate role and ample of training, support will be provided.


Mr T Asghar

I am just a simple dad who is being dictated to by my kids. In terms of my professional life I am a barrister practising in civil law.

I passionately believe in the importance of a well- balanced education, that places emphasis on both academic as well as artistic development. I have previously served as a parent governor at another school. I was a governor at the time the school went through a period of redefining itself as a primary school, with a new name, new uniform and the appointment of a new head teacher. I was also involved in negotiating additional funding for the school from the local authority for improvement as well as expansion of the schools’ existing buildings.

I am a self-employed barrister and I am regularly instructed by local authorities on a variety of legal matters. I believe I have the knowledge and the skills to help develop the future vision of the school as a school that nurtures excellence and encourages the individual potential of every child at the school.