Harrow Schools Statement Letter 22.05.2020

22nd May 2020
Dear Parents / Carers

Harrow’s schools always collaborate to support our community. Together we make decisions we
consider to be in the best interests of our children and families. In these challenging times this is
more important than ever. We know that Harrow and our neighbouring boroughs has been
particularly hard hit by Covid-19; every school community has been affected by it personally. We
extend to you collectively our support in these uncertain times. Your Headteachers work together
to keep families up to date with how we want our own groups of students to stay well and stay
learning. We continue to read the extensive, and changing, guidance from a wide range of
medical, teaching and government sources and we discuss this as a group of Heads to apply to
our individual schools.

As we work together, we also know our schools are all slightly different too; in transport routes,
building and classroom design and staff availability. Comparison between schools, and
speculation around that is not helpful. We remain open to support key workers’ families and
priority students, which we do in our own ways. Heads are sharing ideas as we all consider how to
expand this to offer ‘some face to face provision for years 10 and 12.’ Whilst the specifics of how
each school extends their provision will be tailored to our own particular needs, we will work
together to keep our community informed, and help families plan ahead.

We are very grateful for your support, especially over the last few weeks, which many of you have
taken the time to share with us. We all know how difficult it has been for many families. We also
know that in difficult circumstances communities come together and emerge even stronger. This
is especially the case in Harrow’s schools, where it is a pleasure working alongside you. We’d also
like to recognise our fantastic colleagues in schools across Harrow who continue to work tirelessly
whether at a distance, or face to face, for the benefit of all our young people.

Mr. Paul Gamble

Mr Jonathan Watson Whitefriars School
Louise Voden Nower Hill High School
Mr Keven Bartle Canons High School
Chris Woolf Pinner High School
Mr Paul Gamble Harrow High School
Ms Sue Maguire Hatch End High School
Matt Silver Shaftesbury High School
PK Maselino The Helix Education Centre
Mr Simon Arnell Avanti House Secondary
Mrs M Manderson Rooks Heath College
Colette O’Dwyer Park High School
Susan Hammond Whitmore High School
Janice Howkins Bentley Wood High School
Geraldine Higgins The Sacred Heart Language College