Headteacher’s letter

22nd May 2020
Dear Parent/Carer

I hope you are all well.
I am writing to keep you all up to date with the latest developments in our lockdown
provision at Harrow High School and our plans for the next few weeks
Firstly, we are well into our second round of Keeping in touch phone calls. We know how
much these have been valued and guarantee that this process will continue again after
half-term. We have made special calls this week to those in Year 10, focusing on the
impact of this lockdown upon examination preparation and their curriculum moving
forward. Again, we know these have been valuable and thank you for your time.

Across other year groups, we will also be making some changes after half-term.
Following your feedback, departments will be making more use of interactive materials
to support home learning. In addition, we are investigating ways to reduce the number
of communications you receive about your child’s work without any reduction in the
level of information or detail contained. We will have more news on this after half-term.
We have also received feedback that a number of you may not be receiving emails the
school is sending. Please take the time to download the SIMS parent app (if you haven’t
already) from where you can amend your contact information. For details of how to do
so, please follow this link.

Parent App

Online assemblies are now available via our website in the Learning from home/Staying
Safe section. I urge you to check out our Harrow High Lockdown cookbook – I have
enclosed the attachment for this.
Finally, you will all be aware of the government’s stated ambition for schools to provide
‘some face to face provision for learners in Year 10 and 12’ before the end of the school
year. In my letter to you all last week I addressed this matter. Further to this,

Headteachers across Harrow’s High schools have worked together to agree a joint
statement on this. The statement is attached with this letter.
With this is mind, I would emphasise again that our priority is always the safety of all in our
school community; learners, staff, parents and our extended families and we will keep
you fully informed of any intention to extend provision with good notice.
Once again, please do take very good care of yourselves and each other.

Yours sincerely
Paul gamble