Curriculum Change letter for Year 10

Dear Parent/Carer (Year 10)

Following Mr Gamble’s letter dated May 2020, you are already aware that we have made the decision to postpone our current Year 10 GCSE option entries to next summer. I am now writing to you to share with you what our revised curriculum model will look like for our learners next year when they are in Year 11. I would also like to allay any fears you may have over any potential impact.

The appendix shows you how the curriculum will look at Harrow High School for your child in Year 11. You will notice an increase in English to 8 periods as this is where we feel more time will be needed for this year group given the amount of school time missed this year. We also believe that 2 periods per week in option subjects will afford the learners sufficient time to gain a deeper understanding in these subjects and consequently be in a much stronger position to meet their potential this time next year.

Please note though that this model means your child will do one less GCSE subject (9 instead of 10). This will not, however, have any bearing on their chances of successfully progressing to our 6th form or any other college even if they wish at that stage to study Business Studies, Psychology or Sociology. One less GCSE to prepare for should also reduce stress and anxiety allowing more revision time for the core and current option subjects.

I do understand that this a highly uncertain time for us all and I want to assure you that we have not made these decisions lightly but we do strongly believe we have made the most positive pathway for your child given the current circumstances. Please feel free to e-mail me should you have any questions or comments regarding this decision.

Yours sincerely,
J Buchanan
Deputy Headteacher – Curriculum & Timetabling

Year 10 Curriculum change letter June 2020