About Us


Welcome to our new website. You will notice a lot of changes to its appearance and content. We have decided to make these changes to reflect the significant changes and improvements that have taken place at the school over recent years.

We are a school that believes in progress. We have a track record of excellent examination outcomes at both GCSE and post-16 level (A-level and BTEC), where year on year learners progress by more than the national average. We know that when young people join us, their parents expect them to be successful and to enjoy school, and we work hard as a community to meet and exceed these expectations. Our staff expect to learn too and are all involved in research and pedagogical study to ensure that their practise is constantly evolving allowing us to deliver even greater rates of progress for our learners.

I would like to draw your attention to our core beliefs. They are based around the expectation of excellence. The word is derived from several Latin terms which can translate as ‘towering, distinguished, pre-eminent’. These are all characteristics we want our learners to leave with after a long and happy education. Please have a look at our beliefs; they are detailed below. If these sound like the beliefs and expectations you have for your son or daughter then get in touch and come for a visit. We are an open school and you will always be welcome.

School Beliefs 

We believe in Excellence for All. This means:

Excellent Learning & Progress

Challenge and engagement, meeting and exceeding targets

Excellent Aspirations

Quality progression, passion for learning

Excellent Behaviour, Safety and Care for each other

Respectful challenge, showing empathy

Excellent Communication

Understanding each other, clarity of purpose

Everything we do as staff and learners will be true to these core values. They will be evident through our words, our actions and our commitments. We will talk about these values, we will promote these values and we will live these values.

If you would like to visit our school please either call 020 8861 7300 or e-mail :office@hhsweb.org.  

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Paul Gamble