School Improvement Plan

Harrow High School Improvement Plan 2017-2018

Our school community is committed to consistently and relentlessly working to;

improve achievement such that: 

  • The vast majority of learners in all year groups are on target to achieve MTG and high proportions of learners achieve STG
  • All groups of learners achieve excellent outcomes and there are no significant gaps in achievement
  • There is consistently excellent delivery of the aspirational agenda through registration, assembly, excursions and all other lessons
  • Learners of HPA achieve excellent progress
  • All members of our community demonstrate consistently high aspirations of themselves and others (including h/wk, independent learning, behaviour etc.)


improve learning such that:

  • High quality CPD and coaching becomes and entitlement for all staff, supporting them in their development leading to further improved and innovative practice within their classroom and leading to improved outcomes for learners
  • All lessons meet GET criteria (with a key focus upon literacy, numeracy & harrow basics)
  • Progress over time is consistently excellent in all classrooms for all groups of learners (SEN, PP etc.) and assessment consistently contributes to excellent progress for all
  • All learners develop an excellent knowledge base that provides foundation for excellent achievement
  • Learners demonstrate excellent levels of independence, creativity and resourcefulness in their learning

improve rewards, behaviour and safety such that:

  • An effective and consistent rewards system engages all learners in excellent behaviour for learning
  • All in our community treat each other with respect and model consistently excellent behaviour and Language used by all in the school is inclusive, affirming and free from aggression
  • All staff consistently challenge where behaviour is not excellent in a calm and non-confrontational manner
  • Attendance and Punctuality is excellent for all in our community
  • All lessons are conducted in line with school reward and behaviour policies
  • The safeguarding of all is excellent
  • The pastoral system is excellent in its support of this agenda and has clear, demonstrable impact

School Beliefs

 We believe in Excellence for All. This means:

  • Excellent Learning & Progress

Challenge and engagement, meeting and exceeding targets

  • Excellent Aspirations

Quality progression, passion for learning

  • Excellent Behaviour, Safety and Care for each other

Respectful challenge, showing empathy

  • Excellent Communication

Understanding each other, clarity of purpose

Everything we do as staff and learners will be true to these core values. They will be evident through our words, our actions and our commitments. We will talk about these values, we will promote these values and we will live these values.