1 – How do I submit my work online on Show my Homework?

Follow the instructions on this help sheet:


2 – How do I show that I have done the work on Show my Homework (changing status to submitted)?

You can screen shot the status section to show it has been submitted.

3 – How can I log on to Show my Homework if I have lost my log in details?

Click on Reset Password and follow instructions


4 – Where can I get my SMHW log in details from?

Email full name and year group to a-yazdizad@hhsweb.org

5 – Is my SMHW password the same as my SMHW PIN?

No. If you are unsure of any details, please contact a-yazdizad@hhsweb.org

6 – How many times can I attempt to compete a quiz on SMHW?

You can complete a quiz on SMHW 3 times – follow the link below for additional help


7 – I am having problems opening and editing PDF documents – what should I do?

You do not need to edit or write on PDF documents. You can type your responses on Microsoft Word, or handwrite them and then upload a photograph

You can download adobe reader to read PDF documents but you will be unable to edit them  https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/

8 – How can I access work on SMHW?

Please follow the guidance on this link:


 9 – What should I do if I do not have internet / laptop / computer?

The school has a learning by mail programme for these learners. This will launch during Easter. Work will be sent home with learners asked to complete it and post it back to school in the envelope provided. If you do not have internet access you need to let us know @email HHS Office office@hhsweb.org

10 – Should my son/daughter complete all work set by all teachers?

Where possible yes. If they are struggling to complete all the work in a reasonable working day, please contact their Standards and Achievement Leader (SAL)

If they are unable to work for family or medical reasons at this difficult time then we completely understand. Again, please contact their Standards and Achievement Leader (SAL)

11 – What should I do if the work set by my teachers is too difficult?

You can leave questions for teachers on Show My Homework. In the vast majority of cases teachers will respond within one working day.

12 – Can I bring or post my work to school instead of submitting it on SMHW?

Not unless you are part of the learning by mail programme

13 – Is SMHW the same as Satchel One?


14 – How can we manage the workload over the week?

The school will be issuing a guideline timetable after Easter to help with this. These routines should help you to help your children to manage their workload

15 – Who can I contact if there is an issue?

In the first case, contact should be through the Standards and Achievement Leader for the applicable year group. Contact Details:

Year SAL email
7 Mr Hallam  ahallam3.310@hhsweb.org
8 Ms Smith  tsmith161.310@hhsweb.org
9 Ms Barrett  sbarrett.310@hhsweb.org
10 Mr Eston reston.310@hhsweb.org
11 Mr Preda  cpreda.310@hhsweb.org
12/13 Ms Guthrie eguthrie.310@hhsweb.org