Curriculum Statement

  • Harrow High School is committed to enabling all its learners to make excellent progress. We aim to ensure that all our learners reach or exceed their potential through the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • The Academy follows a one week timetable of thirty periods. These are 50 minutes in length. In addition there are 20 minutes in form time each day where learners are encouraged to develop excellent aspirations through planned activities.
  • We also aim to make teaching and learning excellent by creating a challenging and interesting experience for all our learners.  At Harrow High School we offer a stimulating and varied curriculum in line with statutory requirements but also providing wide ranging opportunities for personalising individual learners’ study programmes at both KS3 and KS4.

At the heart of our curriculum is excellent behaviour, safety and care through the promotion of British Values of tolerance of other faiths, democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect.

 Key Stage 3:

Harrow High School operates a two year Key Stage 3. In Years 7 and 8 all learners study English, Mathematics, Science, Spanish, Italian, History, Geography, Computing, SMSC, PE, Art, Technology & Food Technology and Drama. We believe that this broad and balanced curriculum allows learners to fully develop their literacy and numeracy skills as well as developing their inquiring and creative minds. There is a great emphasis on learners acquiring the knowledge that will support them meeting the demands of the academic challenges placed upon them. Learners’ Personal, Social and Citizenship skills are developed through SMSC (Spiritual, Social, Moral and Cultural) lessons. During the Spring Term of Year 8 we hold our Options process where learners will need to choose 3 GCSE or Vocational subjects to study in Years 9 and 10.

Key Stage 4:

Learners follow a core curriculum of English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Combined Science or Separate Sciences and RE. Learners who wish to Study the 3 separate Sciences will choose this as an option in Year 11. Our KS4 curriculum model is designed to enable learners to specialise in their chosen GCSE subjects and to stand the best chance of success in their EBacc subjects whilst still giving the flexibility to study other option subjects. Subsequently at Harrow High, we do not insist upon our learners doing the Ebacc qualification as we guide our learners into the courses that best meet their needs.

Learners study 3 options subjects in Years 9 and 10 one of which must be an EBacc subject from Italian, Spanish, Computing, History or Geography. All of 3 of these subjects are studied as traditional two year linear GCSEs with exams sat at the end of Year 10 apart from vocational courses. Learners choose one further option to study as a one year course in Year 11. We believe our model relieves pressure on our learners in Year 11 allowing them to meet their full potential in the core subjects. This in turn increases their chances of successfully progressing on their learning journeys into our 6th form and beyond.


Please see the Options & Pathways booklet for a full list and details of all subjects offered and guidance towards particular pathways. ( Pathways 2019 Year 8 & 10 )





Number of periods per week

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
English 4 4 5 5 7
Maths 4 4 5 5 5
Science 4 4 5 5 7
PE 2 2 1 1 1
SMSC (Y7/8) RE (Y9/10/11) 1 2 2 2 3
Geography 2 2
History 2 2
Spanish 2 2
Italian 1 1
Drama 2 1
Art 2 2
Computing 1 2
Technology 2 2
EBacc Option 1 4 4
Option 2 4 4
Option 3 4 4
Option 4 7
Total periods 30 30 30 30 30


Key Stage 5

Students in the Sixth Form will follow one of two study programmes; an Academic programme or a Vocational one. Students on an Academic programme will typically study 3 or 4 AS Levels in Year 12, followed by 3 A-Levels in Year 13. Each academic subject is delivered 6 periods a week, and this is supplemented by 1 Personal Development period and a minimum of 3 supervised study periods a week. We typically offer the following subjects in our Sixth Form; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, English Language & Literature, Spanish, Computer Science, Business Studies, Economics, Psychology, and Sociology. Students can study a wider variety of subjects such as Classics and Film Studies through the Harrow Sixth Form Collegiate, please see our Sixth Form page for further details on current subjects offered at our partner schools.

Students on a Vocational study programme study towards a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business or Applied Science, for 18 periods per week, for 2 years. These courses are assessed mainly by coursework, but there is also an element of external assessment involved too, which will vary according to the subject studied. This is supplemented by 1 Personal Development periods a week in Year 12 & 13, and 6 months of external work experience 1 day a week, in Year 12.

Personal development lessons are delivered by our Sixth Form Learning Mentor, and incorporate a wide variety of themes such as careers education, managing health and wellbeing, independent study skills, SRE, and PREVENT.