Year 7 and 8

Learners in Year 7 and 8 look at a range of theatre styles which form the basis of theatre today. The learners follow workshop sessions which focus on the practical exploration of theatre. Learners will develop skills such as mime, chorus work, voice and physicality. They will explore these through a range of stimuli and scripted work such as Midsummer Night’s Dream and Dr Korczak’s example.

During these years learners will discover Greek Theatre, Commedia Dell Arte’ and Shakespeare learning the origins of theatre. Along with developing practitioner knowledge such as Stanislavski and Brecht learners will begin to form an understanding of the practical development of theatre.

Learners will be assessed practically and through a written paper based on the exploration of a play text. The Drama curriculum is designed to develop learners’ creativity, practical skills and build their confidence.


Homework in year 7 and 8 will focus on evaluations and rehearsals within groups.

Year 9 and 10

Learners in Year 9 and 10 study for the GCSE qualification. This qualification is set in 3 components.

Component 1 is a devising component worth 40% of the GCSE. Learners are expected to work in groups and produce a performance from a stimulus, this will be explored over a number of lessons to produce a performance between 10-20 minutes in length. Alongside this they will be expected to keep a journal, this journal will develop their portfolio which will accompany their devised performance.

Component 2 is a text based component worth 20% of the GCSE.

There are two areas of focus within this component.

1) Interpreting and exploring two key extracts from a chosen performance text.

2) Performing or realising a design of two key extracts from this text.

Component 3 is the final component in this qualification worth 40% of the GCSE. Learners will practically explore how a complete performance text of Dr Korczak’s Example might be interpreted and realised from ‘page to stage’. This exploration will give students an insight into how texts may be brought to life for an audience and the creative roles within this process.

Learners will also be required to attend the theatre to complete an analysis and evaluation on a liver performance. We will visit the theatre twice over Year 9 and 10. This is a compulsory part of the course as it is required for the written examination.

This component is a written examination of 1 hour 30 minutes.


GCSE Drama homework will include research on devised topic, recording the devising process in a journal and after school rehearsals and occasional Saturday