SMSC aims to teach learners about life as a citizen, learners evaluate the roles citizens can take in shaping decisions and the extent to which they can influence the operation of political and legal systems. As part of their learning, they consider a range of scenarios where there are inequalities and explain how different kinds of rights need to be protected, supported and balanced. Year 7s and 8s are taught twice a week.  Throughout the 2 years  learners are taught the key citizenship concepts of democracy, justice, rights and responsibilities, identities and diversity, including how these can change over time. To further understanding, trips are organised to the Houses of Parliament and the Royal Courts of Justice. In addition to this a number of external visitors are invited to present talks on issues of crime, cancer and different courts. Our school police officer also ensures he runs a session on staying safe.

How Learners Are Assessed:

Learners are assessed in each term using the National Curriculum levels for Citizenship and PSHEE in relation to the topics of Drugs, The UK’s Justice System, Parliament, Discrimination and Health Eating.

There are no formal examinations, allowing learners to discuss their views and debate the opinion of others more freely.


Homework is an integral part of learning and provides an opportunity to develop independent study skills. It includes a variety of different tasks e.g. researching and written work.