Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5, there is a large amount of information that students need to recall and then apply, for success in their AS, A-level, and BTEC external examinations. To support our students to recall this knowledge, we have designed these knowledge organisers, which students should be completing under the direction of their subject teachers. The knowledge organisers allow students to have a consistent strategy to make notes on the key points, definitions, equations, and/or process in a subject area.  Whilst the school is shut, if you cannot print and complete the knowledge organisers, you may complete them electronically or on a piece of paper.


Topic-1    Topic-2    Topic-3    Topic-4    Topic-5    Topic-6    Topic-7    Topic-8

Business Studies

Theme 1    Theme 2

Computer Science

CS Knowledge organiser


The Importance of Being Earnest    The Great Gatsby   The Non-Fiction Anthology    The Poetry of William Blake


3.1    3.2.1    3.2    3.3    3.4.3    3.4.4    3.4.5    3.4.6    3.4.7  3.4     3.5.1    3.5.2    3.5.2a    3.5.2b   3.5.3    3.5    3.6    3.6a    3.6b    4.1.8    4.1.8a    4.1.8b    4.1.9    4.1   4.3.1    4.3.2    4.3.3    4.4.1    4.4.1b    4.4.2


Electricity QVIRt I V graphs Resistivity    Electricity Series and Parallel circuits    Electromagnetic induction    Forces AS Physics    Gravitational fields    Materials-revision    Nuclear Physics     SHMotion    Work Energy and Power    1 Matter and radiation    7 On the Move    Astrophysics    Electricity    EMF and Internal Resistance    Electricity Energy and Power    Electricity    Kirchhof and Potential dividers


AL Paper-1    AL Paper-2- Child psychology    AL Paper-2- Clinical psychology    AS Paper 1 Cognitive psychology    AS Paper 1 Social psychology    AS Paper 2 Biological psychology    AS Paper 2 Learning psychology


Education    Families