School Uniform

We would like to thank you for supporting the school’s aim regarding the wearing of correct uniform for our learners. The school uniform is  supplied by Pullens 48-50 Church Road, Stanmore, HA7 4AH. 020 8954 3850.

Your child must wear the following to school everyday:

Compulsory School uniform

  • Navy blazer with new school logo – always to be worn and not put in bags
  • New gold an navy stripe school tie
  • White plain shirt. White shirts must be buttoned to the neck and tucked in. Ties must be worn correctly with tie pulled up to the collar.
  •  Plain smart grey/black trousers for boys and girls. Jeans, cargo pants, leggings or tight school trousers are not acceptable. Trousers must be loose fitting.
  • Grey/black skirt for girls. Skirts should be loose fitting, not figure hugging and the length be between the knee and ankle.
  • Plain black, navy or flesh coloured tights only.
  • Plain black shoes of an appropriate design for school. Boots are only acceptable during poor weather in the winter when the school says so. Shoes must be smart and made of a fabric such as leather or PVC that can be polished. Canvas shoes such as Vans shoes are not permitted nor are boots, coloured laces and trainers (including black trainers like Nike Airforce, Nike Huarache or Adidas Flux).
  • V-neck jumper in plain navy with the new school logo is optional and does not replace the need to wear a blazer.
  • Black or blue socks (or white, plain ankle socks for girls).
  • Headscarves – plain navy blue, black or white.
  • All hair clips, bands etc should be plain and in navy blue, black or white.
  • Plain dark coat. (A blazer must be worn underneath the coat).
  • A lanyard (issued by the school in the correct colour for your year group) with your identity card in a holder

P.E. and Games kit compulsory for every PE lesson

  • PE t-shirt with embroidered new school logo
  • Blue/Black or White socks
  • School branded navy Shorts or tracksuit trousers
  • Trainers
  • Long hair must be tied back during PE Lessons
  • If you are unable to take part in a sport for any reason, you can be a coach, referee or umpire

Your child should not wear:

  • Your child should not wear any uniform with the old school logo on it
  • Hoodies or non-uniform jumpers (this includes sportswear (branded or not) – jumpers or tracksuit tops).
  • Tight fitting black trousers/jeans, short skirts (worn above the knee) or trousers with studs.
  • Black trainers or Black canvas plimsolls in place of black shoes.
  • Wearing trainers or boots with school uniform at break and lunchtime when not engaging in sporting activity.
  • Steel toe capped boots or shoes.
  • Brightly coloured or patterned socks / tights. Includes furry socks or any colour
  • Any piercings except for single studs in earlobes.
  • Baseball caps or any type of peaked cap including bucket hats.
  • Bandanas of any colour.
  • Headscarves and hair bands / hair clips in any colour other than navy blue, black or white.
  • Loom bands bracelets or individual Loom bands.
  • Brightly coloured coats or scarfs with large logos, slogans or patterns.
  • A hair colour of an unnatural shade (eg green, blue, pink etc.).
  • Haircuts with patterns or lines shaved in the hair or eyebrows.
  • Coats or any form of jumper worn in place of blazers n.b. coats must not be worn instead of blazers.
  • Frilly or decorative ankle socks are not acceptable. Also over the knee socks are not acceptable.

Summer Uniform

  • After consultation with Learner Voice regarding the re-introduction of a summer school uniform, we are delighted to announce that we will be introducing a white summer polo shirt with the school logo for the Summer term.
  • The summer uniform will be compulsory for all learners to wear when we return from the Easter break on Tuesday 23rd April 2019 until the end of the summer term. For this year only, Learners currently in Year 11 may still continue to wear the white shirt and school tie if they wish until the end of the Summer exams. All other year groups will only be allowed to wear the new polo shirt. Shirt and tie will not be acceptable for Years 7 – 10 in the Summer term. The wearing of the old navy blue polo shirt will not be acceptable.
    The rest of the school uniform will remain the same including the wearing of the school blazer. We will continue to enforce our school uniform rules and learners who do not wear the correct uniform should expect to be sanctioned.
  • The white polo shirt with school logo can be purchased from the school’s uniform suppliers at:
    Pullens, 48-50 Church Road, Stanmore HA7 4AH: telephone: 0208 954 3850
    The price of the Polo Shirts in white, embroidered with the School Logo H is as follows:–
  •  Sizes: Age 9/10, 11/12 & 13/14 – £7.99
     Sizes: Age 14/15, Small, Medium Large, X-Large – £11.99
     Multi-Buy : Sizes: Age 9/10, 11/12 & 13/14 buy 3 polo-shirts for £19.00
     Multi-Buy: Sizes: Age 14/15, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large buy 3 polo shirts for £28.00


Learners who fail to wear the correct school uniform may be sent home to correct their uniform and return to school. They may also incur detentions for incorrect uniform. Items of non-uniform will be confiscated. Parent/carers may be requested to collect these items if they have been confiscated before.