What Year 7 have to say

An insight into life at Harrow High School from some of our superb learners in year 7. This will give you and your child some first-hand accounts of how we ensure a smooth transition


I was at the transition day and I felt very welcomed. The whole school showed a good first impression which made me more comfortable

When I was leaving year 6 I did feel a bit tense moving to a place with no one I know but the only concern I had was getting lost .

On my first day I felt nervous but during the day I met so many mind teachers who helped and guided me, for this I am thankful.

I looked forward to football club because I enjoyed playing it in primary. When I did join the club it was really fun and the teacher (Mr Hallam) supported m .

My favourite subject I’ve ever had wasEenglish/literacy I love to write stories as I find them interesting . I would say all the teachers are nice but my “favourite” teachers would be;

Mr Hallam – for being helpful and kind

Yousef – for helping me find my lost phone

Miss Britton- for supporting me

Miss G – for giving me good advice


I did go to the Year 6 transition day/interview meetings and they were very fun because I got to do many different things that I didn’t do in primary school. I also liked the teachers because they all welcomed you so nicely. All of the subjects were interesting and had a something very special to them.

I didn’t have any concerns because I knew there will be teachers and students which will be willing to help me and to show me all around the school. I also knew that I could get friends because I had friends from my primary schools and they could make friends and I could be friends with them and then I get more and more.

I felt good knowing that I had a teacher that could help me if anything was going wrong or if I had a problem.  I also liked it because I could talk to someone else than my friends. It felt like he was my friend and he could give me many ideas and was super friendly.

I am really looking forward to going to Paris because I will have never stayed in another country without my mum or dad. I am also looking forward to it because I will be able to stay with my friends and visit many different landscapes.  I enjoyed going to clubs like my police cadet club because I was doing something that I will need in the future because I wasn’t to be a detective in the future and for that I have to be a police officer first.

My Favorite subjects are Science, Math and English. I like Science because for every subject we learn we have an experiment which are always very fun and interesting. I like Math because it was my favorite in primary school too. I also like English because it is much interesting and nice. My favorite teacher is Mr. Benjamin because he is really nice and kind.


I really enjoyed the transition day because I got to know the teachers and what their names are and what they teach. The transition day was an amazing day you got to see what the school looks like inside and what lessons would be like.

I had concerns that people wouldn’t like me but when I met people I felt much better especially when I got to know some of the teachers  because they were very kind, helpful and supportive.

I didn’t feel so bad because I already know someone people from primary school that came to high school and I meet someone on transition day. I really liked my form tutor she was kind and sweet.

I am Captain of the girls football team  and I enjoy going on the trips with my new friends and new classmates and year 7. I was over-joyed when I heard that we were going to Paris at the beginning of Year 8.

My favourite subjects are P.E, Drama, English, Spanish, Computing, Geography, Maths


On my first day in Harrow High I felt a little bit nervous and shy around the teachers and students. I also felt that if I made a mistake or made a bad impression, students wouldn’t to be my friend or teachers will think I am a  bad student but then I made friends and saw students that came from my primary where at Harrow High and then I didn’t feel shy or nervous; I also liked some teachers and they were very helpful.

My concerns about secondary school was that I would get bad grades and be a bad student.

I felt very excited on my first day because I was in a new environment and I have new teachers, new friends and I also had great teachers to help me and support me.)I enjoy going on trips with my teachers and friends, also going after school clubs to have fun.

My favourite subjects are P.E because I can improve my physical health and learnt how to look after my body and how important it is to know about your bones. I also like Art and English because in Art I can draw what I am feeling and show my emotions. English I can improve my grammar skills and my knowledge of the language, I can also improve on my writing and I have  alot of fun. I have 2 favourite teachers who help me & support.

I can go to these teachers and talk about my problems or my troubles and they will help in any way they can and try and solve them.

I am very happy that I know and have these teachers and I am very happy I went Harrow High.